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An Introduction to Business

Operation CEOs x ACI: Welcome

For the summer of 2020, Operation CEOs partnered with ACI (Achieve Club Initiative) to launch a five-week program in which students learned about business management. The course covered the four functions of business: marketing, human resources, operations management, and finance. In addition, classes challenged students by introducing them to common issues found in each of the four functions and taught students how to solve them.  

The information obtained in this course can be used to further preexisting knowledge, gain a background before pursuing a career, or simply serve as a means of quenching curiosity. After the program, students had a foundation solid enough to further their education on their own or by means of another institution.

Operation CEOs x ACI: Text

Quick facts

  • July 6, 2020 - August 7, 2020

  • Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • Time: 4-5 PM PST

  • Open to all ages and free of charge

Operation CEOs x ACI: Text


  • Week 1: Business Organizations and Environment                         

    • Introduction to Management

    • Types of Organizations and Their Objectives

    • Stakeholders

    • Business Environment

    • Company Evolution

  • Week 2: Marketing

    • Market Planning and Research

    • Sales forecasting

    • The 7 P's of Marketing

    • International Marketing

    • E-commerce

  • Week 3: Human Resources

    • Organizational structure

    • Company Leadership

    • Employee Relations and Motivation

    • Corporate Culture

  • Week 4: Operations Management

    • Production Methods and Planning

    • Lean Production and Quality Management

    • Location

    • Research and Development

    • Contingency Planning

  • Week 5: Finance and Accounting

    • Revenue and cash flow

    • Break-even analysis

    • Investment appraisal

    • General budgeting

Operation CEOs x ACI: Text


Word on the Web

A great summer program for aspiring business students. I had the opportunity to learn about various sectors of business and expand my knowledge.


I found this program extremely informative, and I was able to learn a lot from each of the various strands of Business. Huge thanks to Nkemdi and Alex for leading these sessions, and creating an educational and flexible environment for all of us to learn in.


I learned so much about several aspects of business. This program gave me further insight into which part of business I enjoy.


The operation CEOs program really inspired me to continue a study into business and how to run a business myself!


Overall, this program provided valid information. I haven't had much exposure to business therefore it was very insightful to learn.


I really like how you guys organize things and be flexible with difficulties simultaneously.


Operation CEOs x ACI: Testimonials
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